About the Project

I’ve been trying to think of the perfect hyperbole to express the amount that has been written on the Bard and his works, but with no avail. The fact is–Shakespeare is one of the most discussed writers in Western Civilization. Everyone in the English speaking West has an experience with him, whether through reading him in high school/college, seeing one of his plays, or watching a film from the nineties based on his works. To read all of Shakespeare’s work alone is an education in itself, and it is an experience that (to put it rather selfishly) is on my bucket list. I’m not interested in “who Shakespeare really was,” any more than I am interested in if he was a Catholic, Protestant, feminist, misogynist, atheist, pre-Marxist, Machiavellian, or whatever other argument gets thrown on the table. I simply want to read and reflect on his work. These entries will go anywhere from personal experiences with the play, to reflections on his work, and occasional slips of my inner-Literature major making grand assertions.


The purpose of 260 Days of Shakespeare is to read all 37 of William Shakespeare’s plays. It works simply–One act a day, Monday through Friday, one play a week, with a wrap-up on Sunday. Anyone is welcome to join at anytime. While this project is self-driven in nature, it will only come to fruition with other people willing to sit down for ten minutes a day to read an act of a play.

All references are from The Arden Shakespeare Complete Works, Revised Edition.


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