About the Writer


My name is Laurie Schalliol and I graduated from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in 2012, with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. I did my Junior Project on a New England poet named Richard Wilbur, and my thesis is entitled “Men were deceivers ever”: Much Ado About Lying, Deception and Truth in Shakespearean Comedy. I recently made a big move from my little town in Indiana to the hustling bustling city of Louisville, KY!

While most of my hobbies include poetry, reading and the like, I also take interest in vintage pedal-start mopeds and cooking. Outside of this project, you will most likely find me curled up with a cup of coffee and watching Doctor Who.


One thought on “About the Writer

  1. Thank you, Laurie–I’ve just started a blog about a Shakespeare project, and came across yours as I start to look around the blogosphere–I come more from the theatrical end of the spectrum, and am starting to learn to speak a whole play (THE TEMPEST), en route to a solo performance. I look forward to following you–you can find me at http://shakespearesbrain.com Cheers, Mark in Victoria (BC, Canada)

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