My fellow Shakespeare fans…

It appears that I have failed when it comes to Henry IV, Part II. I’ve been trying to find time (and mental abilities) to finish the play, but I am at a complete loss. Unless I am able to not fall asleep while reading it tomorrow and post, I am just going to move on and begin a new play.

I hope this is the only time this happens, and perhaps I will re-visit it later, but frankly, I’m preparing for some big life changing events, and this play is not gripping enough to keep me away from packing/trying to find rental cars/etc.

My deepest apologies, but I know it would be a complete end to this project if I merely stayed on this one play. So, next week I’m going to be starting Much Ado About Nothing, because I have already studied it, will have things to say, and it will be much easier on my already stressed out mind.


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